Planning Process


At Gap Architectural & Engineering Design Services we ensure that the project is as close to the initial concept as possible. Therefore we use the following steps;

Our first consultation which is usually free¹ where we will:

  • Meet with the client to ascertain clients' intentions and requirements and determine if any specialist sub-consultants will be required e.g. Aboriculturalist, Ecologists, Hydrologists, Structural Engineers...
  • Outline the terms of engagement and if possible provide a fee proposal.

Then if the project is viable and Client wishes to engage our services, we will then;

  • Issue a Memorandum of Agreement.
  • If required and appropriate undertake a full site appraisal.
  • Discuss with the Local Authority Planning Department of the viability of the proposals and advise client of any negative outcomes.

If the Local Authority have no immediate objections then we will;

  • Prepare initial drawings.
  • Meet clients and discuss drawings.
  • Make any minor alterations required by Client.
  • Submit to client for final approval.
  • Make any subsequent changes as required by the Client².
  • Prepare Application Documentation.
  • Submit application.

Then if required;

  • Make any minor changes required by the Planning Officer to sweeten the planning process, including speaking at the Planning Committee if permitted and required.2
  • Deal with as many of the Planning Conditions as practicable.2







¹(NB if this initial meeting is held more than 25 miles radius from our offices then a charge will be made for travel costs similarly where more than ½ day needs to be allocated for the consultation then this will also be chargeable. However should the project proceed then these charges will be discounted against the fees.)

²(NB if more than ½ day then these are chargeable together with any re-plots and additional printing costs).