Construction (Design & Management)
Regulations 2015 In More Detail


Where appropriate we will act as Principal Designer for the Client within the terms of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations. This involves our firstly assessing the project to determine the extent to which the regulations apply and also which other statutory regulations may apply including:

  • The Party Wall Act.
  • Environmental Health Acts.
  • Road Traffic Acts.
  • Highways Act.
  • Countryside Act.
  • Land Drainage Act including the Flood Defence Regulations.
  • Control of Pollution Act.
  • Other regulations made under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Secondly, having assessed the projects requirements we will advise the Client as to the extent to which these statutory obligations apply and assist in the preparation of the necessary documentation.


In the event that the CDM Regulations apply we will prepare a Design Risk Assessment for issuing to the Clients Principal Building Contractor (whose competence we will assist the Client with the assessment of) to assist him in the preparation of the Safety Plan. Upon receipt of the Safety Plan we will check it and advise the Client accordingly. During the pre-start stage we will insure that all statutory notices are issues in a timely manner.

During the Construction Stage we will continue to monitor the competence of the Building Contractor's site operatives and upon completion ensures that the Safety File is properly compiled by the Contractor. If appropriate we will prepare householder OEM Manuals to enable the safe operation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical appliances.